Bow Subscription

Bow Subscription: One PATTERN Lola or Mini Lola Bow

from 11.00 every month

July Bow Subscription is available from July 3rd- 29th

This subscription is for ONE PATTERNED Bow per month. This month is the Pond Floral. You choose Lola or Mini Lola. Headband, Clip, or Pigtails.

This is a reoccurring shipment. You will create an account with our website host where you can access your subscription information. Your subscription will come out the same day every month. We close the subscription window on the 25th of each month. This is for a ONE PATTERN BOW per month. Patterns include: Florals, Stripes, Polka Dots, Plaids, Abstract Designs, etc.

Please take note of the fine print: At this time Squarespace (our website host) cannot accept discount codes, that includes free shipping, or making any changes to the subscription. This includes: Changes in Address, Bow Style or Bow Finish. If any changes need to be made you need to cancel the subscription and resubscribe with the specific changes made BEFORE your subscription date. Example: Order on 25th, if you need to make any changes to the next mths subscription you must cancel and resubscribe BEFORE 25th.

Each bow is handmade with you in mind. This designer cotton fabric bow is lightweight, and petite. Will look darling on your baby or toddlers head! You are sure to get loads of compliments on this bow!

Each bow is handmade so will vary slightly in size, color and positioning. This is what makes them unique!

Approximate size LOLA 4.25" wide MINI LOLA 3.25” wide

Bow Style: